Planting Seeds: Wonderland DAO


With a diverse set of investments lined up across Q1, Wonderland is positioning itself well to increase its presence across a multitude of industries.

We are happy to announce that the DAO has successfully invested in a decentralized crypto betting platform called
This investment marks the first capital deployed by the DAO at a seed stage of a new project. An important milestone which differentiates Wonderland from its competitors.

By being part of a strong and fast expanding ecosystem, Wonderland is bringing immense value to projects which are looking to raise capital.

Being one of the biggest DAO communities, Wonderland is offering a unique perspective for early projects:

The eyes and opinions of a vibrant, fast growing crypto community which is aligned to its treasury and the success of these early stage investments by holding the wMEMO token.

Allocation details

Private Round: 596M BSGG tokens at $0.0056 with 3 month lockup + linear vesting over 33 Months
DAO Bonus: 1B BSGG tokens at IEO round ($0.015) + 500M airdrop bonus
Total DAO Allocation: 2.096B BSGG tokens for $18.337M

The BSGG token is the centerpiece of, providing DAO governance to the betting platform. It is designed to have the sole ability to decide the future of the protocol on any and all matters that can contribute to the enhancement of the platform.

Wonderland owns 2B tokens, with this sizable allocation the DAO will actively shape the direction of the protocol and is correctly aligned to seek long-term success through the remaining vesting schedule.

How works is a truly decentralized and permissionless peer-to-peer matching engine of bets. This decentralized sports trading exchange connects makers and takers globally to allow bets on all sporting and e-sporting events (Phase 1). The second phase of will focus on allowing wagering on popular online games, where a wager of chess can occur thousands of miles away, between two strangers, in a safe, trusted and permissionless manner.

DAO Opportunities

Wonderland is kicking off 2022 on a high note with several investments being finalized in its first quarter. We are currently discussing an interesting opportunity to democratize access to staking on Avalanche and Fantom. You can find the discussion here.

Over the next few weeks, Wonderland will be sharing further blog posts about acquisitions, investments and a new fee sharing process.

If you want to participate in the decision making, join us on the forum.

To stay up to date, join our Wonderland Discord Server, the Wonderland Governance Forum

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