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Hi My name is Aaron I'm starting my own brand Crypto Metrics Token CMS which specialises in the release of information leading to new project launches. I have a telegram that i have just started to develop and a Youtube channel. Please support my efforts in establishing a reliable information source for new project opportunities so we can all profit together. I will be implementing burn operations on specific time and days to help the value of the token increase. Token presale price 1000000 CMS for 0.001 BNB Token LP lock. Dxsale for 365 days Total tokens presale 5 Billion. If all tokens sell liquidity will be 500 BNB 100% of tokens sold in prelaunch goes to liquidity of token after presale. Crypto Metrics Token CMS will be a stable token you can hold for years. The creator of the token has no financial burden and will use the value of the token for further development and distribution of the Crypto Metrics brand. Crypto Metrics will incorporate lotteries and airdrops of the token for featured events which will be developed with further detail as the brand progresses. Connect via telegram Thankyou for your time Regards Aaron

Crypto Metrics (CMS)

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Crypto Metrics
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